Wednesday Excursions

The Local Organising Group have arranged a number of excursions which will take place in Wednesday morning. A full buffet luncheon will be provided at the DoubleTree by Hilton on arrival back to the hotel. After lunch the conference sessions will recommence.

Coaches will pick-up delegates at the following locations:

  • Hotel H, 105 Mitchell Street, Darwin
  • The Cavenagh Hotel, 12 Cavenagh Street, Darwin
  • The Argus Hotel, 13 Shepherd Street, Darwin
  • Palms City Resort, 64 The Esplanade, Darwin

Departure times will be confirmed nearer to the conference.

Please note:

  • Maximum numbers apply to some activities and priority will be given to those who register first.
  • Tickets for the excursions are included in the cost of conference registration. However, please be aware that your attendance at the excursion has a cost to the conference which we pay on your behalf.
  • Once excursions are confirmed, it will not be possible to change to another selection after the 26 August 2022.

Crocodylus Park

Crocodylus Park is Darwin’s premier wildlife park, featuring thousands of crocodiles from cute hatchings to fully grown crocodiles! Founded by Darwin based world-renowned crocodile biologist Professor Grahame Webb, the park is also home to lions, meerkats, spider monkeys, marmosets, cassowaries and more!

The excursion will include:

  • Return coach travel
  • Entry to the Croc museum
  • Viewing other exhibits and animals at the park
  • Crocodile feeding tour at 10am
  • Crocodile handlings (if time permits)
  • Jumping crocodile cruise at 11am
  • Light refreshments (time to be arranged/boxes by hotel)

Travel time: less than 30 minutes from the Esplanade.

Military Museum

Territory’s military heritage Darwin Military Museum was founded in the mid-1960s by Lieutenant Colonel Jack Haydon and members of the Northern Territory branch of the Royal Australian Artillery Association (RAAA). The association, through its numerous contacts, soon started accumulating war memorabilia from all over the Territory. Since then, several notable local collectors have also contributed greatly to the museum’s exhibits. The museum was Darwin’s first and is housed in the original concrete command post bunker, used by the army to command the two 9.2” guns nearby. The bunker is now fully air-conditioned and displays a fascinating array of weapons, photographs and equipment used by the fighting men and women of the day.

Discover artefacts that chronicle Australia’s involvement in international conflicts from the Boer War to the present day.

Explore the vast collection of uniforms, weaponry, photographs, interviews, and propaganda pieces that tell the stories of our service men and women deployed overseas.

Take a walk through lush gardens and find a stunning range of military vehicles and larger artillery pieces.
Climb to the top of the gun emplacement and check out the 9.2” gun that it houses. Venture beneath the gun deck and explore our vast collection of Vietnam War artefacts, weaponry and photographs.

On arrival Dr Norman Cramp, Museum Director, will welcome delegates and provide an introductory talk about the museum, the exhibits and the bombings of Darwin.

The excursion will include:

  • Return coach travel
  • Entry to the museum
  • Welcome and Introductory talk by Dr Norman Cramp, Director of the Museum.
  • Light refreshments

Travel time: less than 25 minutes from the Esplanade.

A coach will pick up at hotels/locations listed above. Please be at the hotel entrance no later than TBA to await collection.

Museum and Art Gallery of NT

For information on what’s on at the museum and art gallery visit the museum website here.

The excursion will commence with a guided tour of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards Exhibition by the curator Rebekah Raymond.

The excursion will include:

  • Return coach travel
  • Entry to the museum and art gallery
  • Curator guided tour of the 022 Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards Exhibition
  • Light refreshments

Travel time: less than 15 minutes from the Esplanade.

A coach will pick up at hotels/locations listed above. Please be at the hotel entrance no later than TBA to await collection.

Pudakul Aboriginal Cultural Excursion

This excursion is fully booked.

Pudakul Aboriginal Cultural Tours is a 100% fully aboriginal owned operated tourism accredited business that delivers an original, authentic, very popular aboriginal culture and nature based engagement experience based on local knowledge and history.

Please note: The specific excursion details are to be confirmed. However, details of Pudakul and what is generally on offer can be viewed here.  If you select this excursion,  details will be confirmed to you as soon as we have them and at that time you will have an option to change your mind and select one of the other excursions.

This excursion has a capacity of 22 people.

Practical Training Workshop for Animal Management Workers

Companion animals are an integral part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia. Given their close association with humans, ensuring the health of these animals through appropriate animal management, plays an important role in ensuring the health of the community. This workshop is intended for those involved with animal health and animal management in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and will provide practical information and training on two important aspects of community animal management: conducting an animal census and providing parasite treatment to cats and dogs.

The first part of the workshop will focus on available options for treating parasites in cats and dogs, including a discussion of available parasite treatments and tips and tricks on administering parasite treatments. The second part of the workshop will help teach you the basics of conducting an animal census and introduce you to the innovative AMRRIC App, which was developed specifically for carrying out a companion animal census in the field.

This workshop is hosted by Animal Management in Rural and Remote Communities (AMRRIC) a national not-for profit based on Larrakia country, that works in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities to improve the health of companion animals. AMRRIC’s work focuses on a One Health approach and acknowledges the link between the health of people, the health of animals and the health of their shared environment; ensuring the health of our companion animals helps to ensure the health and well-being of our people.

This workshop has a capacity of 15 people.

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