Abstract Submission Guidelines

The enHealth Expert Reference Panel on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Environmental Health is seeking abstracts for oral presentations and storyboard/poster presentations to explore the conference theme: Better Together: Many Nations, One Country.

Please read the information on this page prior to submitting your abstract for the 13 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Environmental Health Conference 2022.  The deadline for submission is 31 May 2022.

If you are considering submitting an abstract for this conference you must be aware of the following:

  • The deadline for abstract submission is 31 May 2022.
  • Presenters must be available to present between 5th September 2022 to the 8th September 2022.
  • Presenters will be advised of acceptance on or after 20 June 2022.
  • Session times are generally in 25-minute blocks; your presentation should last for approximately 20 minutes leaving 5 minutes for audience questions.
  • Final programming of presentations, start time and duration will be advised by 4 July 2022.
  • Presenters must register to attend the conference; the registration fee inclusive of all social events is $450.00.

What is an abstract?

An abstract is a brief summary of the presentation. The abstract is read by the review panel who use it to evaluate your presentation’s suitability for the conference. To ensure everyone has the same advantage and equal fairness, all abstracts are submitted as text documents without imagery or formatting. The submission must follow a few simple rules with regards to layout and word length. Consider your abstract as a selling tool for your presentation. Ensure that you include all the key points of your material to encourage the review panel to include your presentation in the conference program.

Your presentation may link in with the conference theme. A list of sub-themes is available below to assist presenters with their submission.

Critical Dates & Check List

31 May 2022
Abstract submission closes

20 June 2022
Advice on status of abstract

4 July 2022
Presenters advised of date and time of presentation

14 August 2022
Presenters must be registered and all biographies must be submitted

5-8 September 2022
Conference and provision of transcript for the monograph

Submission Checklist

The following (*) information is required to submit your material:

  • Contact details – main presenter*
  • Abstract title*
  • Abstract & Abstract Summary*
  • Biography – main presenter*
  • Biography and Details – co presenter(s) [Template 1]
  • Presentation format (PowerPoint etc.)*

Is an abstract required for a poster/storyboard session?

Yes. If you intend to submit a poster or storyboard an abstract outlining the poster/storyboards’ content is required. Submitting a poster/storyboard requires the author or his/her representative to be present at the conference. Set times will be programmed during the luncheon breaks where storyboard presenters will be required to be available to answer questions about their material.

Conference Theme

enHealth is seeking abstracts for oral presentations and storyboard/poster presentations to explore the conference theme: Better Together: Many Nations, One Country.

Sub Themes

The following sub-themes may assist presenters in the development of their abstract. This list is a guide only. Submissions and not limited only to these topics.

  • More career pathways – Indigenous environmental health training, and development
  • Climate Change – What are we doing to help to keep the community safe and healthy?
  • Many ways to prevent disease at home and in community – Environmental Health and disease prevention, Health promotion, health literacy and education
  • Public Health’s many responses to the pandemic – Environmental health and COVID19
  • Working homes and community infrastructure keeps community safe and healthy – Environmental Health Infrastructure and housing
  • We are what we eat –Ensuring food availability and safety

Presenters might look at how they address the following issues by using the sub-themes listed above:

  • housing (including repairs and maintenance)
  • food safety
  • water and wastewater
  • solid waste management
  • hygiene/sanitation and healthy living practices
  • animal management
  • vector/pest control
  • climate change and adaptation
  • emergency management

Information required to complete your submission

To complete your submission you will require the following information:

  1. Abstract title: (Please keep concise).*
  2. Abstract: Maximum of 500 words. Text only; no images or graphs. Upload your file in one of the following formats MS WORD (doc & docx), txt or rft.*
  3. Abstract summary: Maximum of 100 words. A synopsis of your abstract which may be used for promotional purposes in conference publications and/or the conference website.*
  4. Contact Details: Main presenter Co-presenter(s).
  5. Biographies: A short biography of up to 100 words for the main presenter.A short biography of up to 100 words for each other person presenting.
  6. Presentation type: is your presentation is one of the following – PowerPoint, Talk Only, Poster/Story Board?*

* indicates information that is required to submit your material now. Other information (non-asterisk) can be added later, before the close date, using a unique personal link that will be emailed to you at the completion of the submission process.

Contact details and biographies for co presenters should be submitted at this website. If you do not have these details at the time you submit your abstract these details can at a later date, preferably, prior to 15 May 2022. Please use the template below to submit these details.

Summary Text (This text may be used in print materials to advertise your presentation if successful.)

  • Word limit 100
  • No formatting (bold, underline, shading, colour, italics etc)
  • No images or graphs

Contact Details

  • You will need to provide contact details for the main contact for the presentation and any co-presenters and/or non-presenting authors (non-presenting authors are people that have been highly involved with the submission but will not be a presenter at the conference)
  • Details required include a postal address, contact phone number, and email address


A biography is a short profile about yourself and will be used to introduce you and your co-presenters to the audience. It should be written in the third person; make the text flow to assist the chairperson who will read out your biography to the audience. Do not to use dot points. Ideas for inclusion in your biography:

  • Details of community and/or area
  • Details of the community/organisations with which you are involved.
  • Details of your employment, position and how long you have been in the Environmental Health Field
  • Any other information that might be of interested to the audience
  • A biography is required for each presenter
  • Word limit 100

Co Presenter Details and Biography

Contact details and biographies for co presenters should be submitted at this website. If you do not have these details at the time you submit your abstract these details can at a later date, preferably, prior to 15 May 2022. Please use the template below to submit these details.

Updating or adding to information submitted

During the submission processes, you will be required to set up an abstract ID/ login for each abstract you submit. Each abstract ID/login must be unique. You will also need to set a password – the same password may be used with multiple submissions. Keep the abstract ID/ login in a safe place as it will be needed to reset your password.

Access to make any changes to your submission will be available until 15 May 2022.

Transcript Deadline

A written transcript of your talk is a condition of presenting at the conference. The transcript will be printed on the conference monograph. The transcript must be provided by 8 September 2022. If through copyright restrictions you will be unable to prove a transcript you must advise us when you submit your abstract.

A transcript is a written version of your talk – it does not have to be word for word but should follow as closely as possible the speech you delivered. For further assistance please refer to the example transcript.

Terms, Conditions and Copyright Assignment

When checking the terms and conditions checkbox during the submission process you are agreeing to the following terms, conditions and copyright assignment:

  • that you understand that presentation transcripts and/or papers and where applicable PowerPoint and poster presentations may be published in Conference brochures and programs, the Conference proceedings, monograph and on the Conference website; and
  • that you assign copyright to the Working Group on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Environmental Health for the purpose of publication; and
  • you understand that it is the responsibility of the presenting author to ensure accuracy of content; presentations will be published exactly as submitted; and
  • you understand that in the case of oral presentations you must provide a transcript (a full written version as spoken) of your talk in MSWORD format prior to the conference or by the 8 September 2022 at the very latest.
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